The financial information below is intended to help prospective clients understand the full surrogacy cost associated with a surrogacy journey. Hawaii Surrogacy believes in transparency and affordability.

We encourage you to compare our total estimated journey cost of approximately $90,000 with other agencies.

Total Journey Costs for Intended Parents

  • Agency Fee
  • $22,000.00
Our agency fees are divided into reasonable payments.
Upon match with surrogate ($8,000.00)
Upon confirmation of pregnancy ($5,000.00)
Monthly payments ($1,500.00) for the last 6 months of pregnancy

If your gestational carrier does not become pregnant, we will coordinate additional cycles for free. You only pay our entire agency fee with a successfully completed surrogacy journey.

Our agency fees are some of the most inclusive in the industry. We cover the following:

All Attorneys Fees for Gestational Carrier Contract
Personal Financial Advisors for Grant Assistance & Budgeting
Surrogate & Partner Psychological Testing and Evaluation
Surrogate Criminal Background & Credit Check
Surrogate Lifestyle Screening & Home Visit
Medical Records Review
Maternal Fetal Medicine Clearance
Medical and Specialty Insurance Review and Coordination
Escrow and Billing Coordination
Travel and Appointment Booking
Birth and Post-Delivery Support (including Hospital Coordination)

International Parents:
Please budget for a total agency fee of $24,000.

  • Surrogate Compensation Packages
  • Starting at $40,000

Your gestational carrier will receive a base compensation amount, plus additional monthly allowances, compensation for undergoing procedures, a life insurance policy, maternity clothing, and additional compensation for special circumstances (ex. carrying multiples). Experienced gestational carriers receive approximately $5,000 – $10,000 more in compensation for their surrogacy journey.

  • Clinic Fees
  • $8,000 to $12,000

These are fees paid directly to your clinic of choice. We provide these estimated figures to help you budget. Your clinic financial coordinator will provide you with a detailed surrogacy cost estimate of all required procedures before your cycle begins.

Cycle Medication Cost: $2,000 – $4,000
Cost of Embryo Transfer Procedure: $6,000 – $8,000

An additional $12,000 should be budgeted for clinic fees if you have not created embryos yet and will need to do an IVF cycle. This does not include the cost of compensating an egg donor. If you opt for genetic testing, many options are available and typically cost $5,000+.

  • Maternity Care Insurance
  • $6,000+

Your gestational carrier may already have a medical insurance policy that is surrogacy friendly. If not, we have local insurance plans with low deductibles & cost-sharing, that offer comprehensive maternity care for approximately $520 per month.

  • Parentage & Escrow Fees
  • $7,850+

Drafting of your gestational carrier agreement is included in our agency fees. Fees associated with parentage orders & passports vary according to your circumstances. We suggest budgeting $6,000 for attorney and court filing fees.

We work with SeedTrust as an independent escrow firm. They offer parents a flat-fee of $1,850 for all escrow services – no matter how many transactions are made with your account.

  • Total Cost of Your Surrogacy Journey
  • $90,000+

Please contact us using the form below for a detailed surrogacy cost estimate and payment schedule that is customized to your family’s circumstances.

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