Surrogate Compensation Package


The financial information below is intended to help prospective surrogates understand the compensation and benefits associated with a surrogacy journey. Hawaii Surrogacy provides a detailed surrogate compensation package breakdown based on their circumstances and experience.

Surrogate Compensation Package

  • Signing Bonus
  • $500 upon completion of screening

Our thanks to you for joining our program!

  • Base compensation
  • First Time Surrogates: $40,000
  • Experienced Surrogates: $45,000+

Paid in eight monthly installments of $5,000+

  • Multiples Fee
  • $5,000

For carrying more than one fetus

  • Monthly Incidentals
  • $250 per month

Starting after surrogacy contract is signed (for miscellaneous expenses over the year)

  • Embryo Transfer Compensation
  • $1,000 per transfer

For each cycle you attempt

  • Maternity Clothing Allowance
  • $500+
  • Wellness Bonus
  • $250 per month

Paid at start of the second trimester

For organic food, prenatal massages and other self-care

  • Breastmilk
  • $250 per week + supplies

Plus full reimbursement for all supplies

  • Cesarean Section
  • $3,000

In addition to base compensation

  • Invasive Procedures
  • $500

Per procedure

  • Medical Insurance
  • Monthly premiums & any copayments

100% coverage for prenatal care & delivery

  • Bedrest Coverage
  • Minimum of $400 per week

100% coverage of lost wages, housekeeping and childcare (pick the plan that meets your family's needs)

  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Valued at $500,000+

Paid directly to your family

  • Travel Benefits
  • Airfare, accommodations, transportation
    Plus $50 per diem

Interisland or to/from the mainland, all trips are completely covered

All financial surrogate compensation is detailed in your gestational carrier agreement. You will receive your monthly compensation by direct deposit from a professionally managed escrow firm.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the above surrogate compensation package, surrogates in our program receive the following supports:

A personal case manager from matching through birth.
An independent attorney to review your contract and answer your legal questions.
Nutritional support, including health coaching during postpartum recovery.
Advisors to ensure that you reach your financial goals.
Psychological counseling during and after your journey.

How to Become a Surrogate

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