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Surrogacy in Honolulu

With Hawaii being close to Australia and the Pacific Northwest, gestational surrogacy is slowly rising in Honolulu and all over Hawaii.

Aloha and e komo mai to surrogacy paradise

At Hawaii Surrogacy Center, we offer a unique and compassionate approach to surrogacy that sets us apart from the rest.

Here, parenthood dreams come true in the heart of Honolulu.

With breathtaking landscapes, a welcoming community, and experienced professionals, it’s no wonder why so many choose surrogacy in Honolulu.

Why Choose Surrogacy in Honolulu?

A Supportive and Culturally Rich Environment

Surrogacy is a deeply personal and emotional
journey. Honolulu’s peaceful surroundings create an ideal environment for intended parents and surrogates alike. The tranquil atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for this life-changing experience. Hawaii’s melting pot of cultures creates a diverse and inclusive community for your surrogacy experience.

Top Medical Facilities

Honolulu boasts outstanding medical facilities, including several fertility clinics, specialists and the Pacific Region’s only Level 3 critical pediatric center and NICU. This ensures top-notch care for surrogates and the babies that they carry. Our network of reputable fertility clinics, hospitals, and healthcare providers guarantees the highest level of medical support.

Experienced Surrogacy Professionals

Our team of experienced, Oahu-based surrogacy professionals is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your surrogacy journey. We’ve got you covered, from matching intended parents with surrogate mothers to legal, emotional, and even nutritional support.

Honolulu's Legal Environment

Hawaii offers a clear and surrogacy-friendly legal landscape, making the process smoother and more secure for all parties involved. Our experienced legal experts will ensure your surrogacy journey complies with all necessary regulations.

Compensated Surrogacy is Allowed

For our international parents whose home countries only permit altruistic surrogacy, Hawaii allows compensation for gestational surrogates.

Being a surrogate is an incredible sacrifice and should be compensated accordingly. Surrogates at the Hawaii Surrogacy Center receive compensation packages that include a minimum of $40,000 in base compensation plus additional monthly allowances to cover travel, medical insurance, lost wages, and other expenses the surrogate may face throughout the process.

Honolulu is Accessible

Whether you are traveling interisland, from the mainland, or from a different country, Honolulu can be reached by direct flights via Honolulu International Airport. As part of our agency services, Hawaii Surrogacy Center provides travel booking services. Whether you are a surrogate or an Intended Parent, we will take care of your accommodations and transportation during your visit to Honolulu.

Start your Surrogacy Journey in Honolulu Today

Whether you’re an intended parent looking to expand your family or a compassionate and selfless person considering becoming a surrogate, Honolulu offers a remarkable setting for your surrogacy journey. With our dedicated team, beautiful environment, and top medical facilities, Hawaii Surrogacy Center is the perfect choice to partner with you every step of the way.

Contact us today to take the first step toward fulfilling your dreams through surrogacy in Honolulu. Your journey toward building a family of your own or for others starts here.