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How to Become a Surrogate in Hawaii

Do you enjoy being pregnant?
Do you want to give the incredible gift of helping someone complete their family?

Partner with us at Hawaii Surrogacy and embark on a fulfilling journey filled with genuine care and unparalleled support.

Why Choose Hawaii Surrogacy?

Top-Notch Medical Care
Partnering with Hawaii’s leading fertility clinics, we provide exceptional medical care, prioritizing the health of our surrogates and the babies they nurture.

Legal Security
Working with experienced legal advisors, we ensure a stress-free process by managing surrogacy contracts, rights, and obligations, protecting your best interests.

Genuine Care
Our surrogates are a part of our Ohana (family). We show sincere appreciation and invest in building strong relationships throughout your journey.

Unparalleled Support
Each journey has a dedicated case manager with only a few cases, which means unwavering dedication to our surrogates’ well-being at every stage. You’ll receive exemplary support from experienced professionals (many of our case managers have also been surrogates!) who understand and celebrate your crucial role in building a family.

Community & Connections
Connect with our surrogate community to share experiences, gain insights, and celebrate the joys of helping others grow their families.

Gestational Surrogate Qualifications & Requirements

Surrogates in our program receive compensation packages of up to $60,000.

Ready to Become a Surrogate?