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Nice to meet you.

Aloha!  As the founder and director of two successful surrogacy agencies, I know how daunting the world of third-party reproduction can be for Intended Parents.  My personal experiences as a 3x egg donor profoundly impacted me and I have been involved in family building for over 15 years now.

Sometimes you need someone to pull together all the parts and pieces of your journey together into a coherent plan.  It may involve a donor, embryo adoption and/or a surrogate.   You may not even know which fertility clinic to go to as they all claim the highest success rates.  (And no one can give you a straight answer on what this all will cost).

I’m here to help.

Let’s put together your action plan.

I will explain how to grow your family through 3rd party reproduction, including:

  • Identifying your team (medical, legal, financial)
  • Important questions to ask service providers
  • How much you should realistically budget
  • Ways to reduce your out of pocket costs (including medication discounts)
  • Expected realistic timelines

You are welcome to join our Hawaii Surrogacy client list after this session.  However, these sessions are available for anyone who needs help, not just those who need a surrogate.

Family Building Strategy Session

You will receive a detailed action plan with timeline, customized budget and access to our RX Connect medication discount program.