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Identified Carrier Program

Hawaii Surrogacy Center is happy to support Intended Parents who have already identified their own gestational carrier.

Program Services

Our team of experienced professionals will screen your surrogate on your behalf.
Our agency fees are some of the most inclusive in the industry and they cover the following:

We only work with well-respected legal counsel, fertility clinics, and escrow agencies.

Legal Expertise

Unlike other agencies, we pay for the attorneys for you and your Identified Carrier. Your Gestational Carrier Agreement will be drafted by attorneys well-versed in the legal complexities of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

A Network of Fertility Clinics

We have strong, personal relationships with every clinic in the state of Hawaii and often work with mainland clinics as well.

Appointment & Travel Coordination

There are a lot of appointments during the surrogacy process. We will work with your gestational carrier and the clinic to ensure appointments are never missed. If your gestational carrier needs to travel inter-island or to the mainland, we will make all travel arrangements on your behalf. We are also thrilled to pick up our international Intended Parents from the airport whenever they visit our beautiful islands.

Financial Protections

We believe a third-party, licensed, bonded, and insured professional escrow firm should keep your funds secure. We never co-mingle funds and only work with the very best escrow agencies that specialize in surrogacy.

Identified Carrier Program

*Does not include payments made directly to your surrogate, insurance, etc.

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