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Surrogacy in Kauai

Many people think surrogacy is only possible if you live on the mainland or in Honolulu. With the right support, residents of Kauai can become parents through surrogacy. The Hawaii Surrogacy Center also welcomes women on Kauai to become surrogates!

Why Choose Surrogacy in Kauai?

Experienced Surrogacy Professionals

Our team of experienced, Hawaii-based surrogacy professionals is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your surrogacy journey. We’ve got you covered, from matching intended parents with surrogates to legal contracts, insurance and covering medical bills, and even nutritional support.

Legal Environment

Hawaii offers a clear and surrogacy-friendly legal landscape, making the process smoother and more secure for all parties involved. Our experienced legal experts will ensure your surrogacy journey complies with all necessary regulations. We have plenty of experience with the family court on Kauai, ensuring that the Intended Parents’ names are placed on the birth certificate.

Honolulu is a Short Trip Away

Since Kauai has no fertility clinics on the island, surrogates must travel to Honolulu for their embryo transfer procedure, but many appointments can be completed locally.

As part of our agency services, Hawaii Surrogacy Center provides inter-island travel booking services. We will take care of accommodations and transportation during visits to Honolulu. Surrogates do not have to pay for their own travel and also receive a per diem allowance to cover meals and incidental expenses.

Top Reasons to Become a Surrogate in Kauai

The road to surrogacy is filled with love, giving, and incredible experiences. Here’s why you should consider taking the first step today:

Give the Gift of Life

Help families in need and bring joy and happiness to deserving parents who have struggled to build their families.

Personal Growth

Experience personal growth, self-discover, and a sense of empowerment by taking part in such a meaningful journey.

Bond with Other Surrogates

Be a part of Kauai’s surrogacy community, where women support and uplift one another.

Financial Compensation

Surrogates receive generous compensation packages, which can help fulfill dreams – from home, education, or even travel.

Expert Support & Guidance

Receive professional counseling throughout the surrogacy process and access to the best professionals in the field.

Our Commitment to You

At Hawaii Surrogacy Center, we take pride in offering:

A comprehensive compensation package for all of our surrogates.

24/7 compassionate and professional support from a dedicated case management team

Detailed and accurate budget estimates for our Intended Parents

Ready to Begin Your Surrogacy Journey?

Whether you’re an intended parent looking to expand your family or ready to make a powerful impact by becoming a surrogate in our program, Kauai residents should know that Hawaii Surrogacy Center is the perfect choice to partner with you every step of the way.