All About Surrogacy: Ask Me Anything with our Director, Andrea McAfee

Surrogacy is a journey filled with complexities, emotions, and, ultimately, the joy of building families. As surrogacy continues to gain visibility and acceptance, intended parents and surrogates alike are seeking clear, reliable information. Recognizing this need for transparency and support, we sat down with our Founder and Director, Andrea Hoshmand McAfee, and grilled her in an extensive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, directly addressing our agency’s most frequently asked questions about the surrogacy process. 

Whether you’re considering surrogacy as a path to parenthood, pondering the possibility of becoming a surrogate, or simply eager to learn more about this incredible journey, our AMA FAQ session will enlighten, educate, and inspire you.

Here’s a preview of the areas we’ve covered based on your inquiries:

  • Why is there a cap on lost wages for working gestational carriers?
  • Why is compensation lower for our agency than the average compensation on the mainland? Can this be negotiated?
  • How does a surrogate qualify to receive compensation for being on bedrest?
  • Why can’t I opt for a lump sum instead of waiting for monthly payments for base compensation?
  • Should gestational carriers provide their own attorney to assist with the gestational carrier agreement negotiations?
  • Can you touch on the Alabama IVF ruling? Can surrogates who reside in Alabama and/or Intended Parents who have embryos in Alabama still work with us?  
  • It’s my body, so why can’t it be my choice to have a home birth if I want one?
  • Do surrogates get paid to pump? How much? How enforceable is that contract if I change my mind after delivery?
  • Can a surrogate request to schedule a c-section if it’s not medically necessary? What if they want a c-section for the extra compensation?
  • If a surrogate has health problems related to the pregnancy, are the Intended Parents obligated to pay her medical bills despite the journey being over?
  • Can a surrogate request dental care to be paid for if the pregnancy causes dental problems?
  • Why are our agency fees ⅓ of the cost of mainland agencies for Intended Parents?
  • What should surrogates look for when choosing an agency, and how do we differ from other agencies?

We believe in the power of knowledge to comfort, empower, and guide individuals in making informed decisions that resonate with their personal and familial goals.

Ultimately, we hope you’ll consider allowing us at Hawaii Surrogacy to join you on your journey to building a family. Reach out to us today to learn more! 

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