Identified Carrier Program


Hawaii Surrogacy Center is happy to support Intended Parents who have already identified a potential gestational carrier match.

Program Services

Our agency fees are some of the most inclusive in the industry.

We will screen your surrogate on your behalf.

Our agency covers all of the following as part of our program fees:

Local, state and federal criminal background checks
Child abuse clearance
Credit and financial background check
Lifestyle screening including visiting with family
Medical records review
Evaluation for high-risk pregnancy by a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist
Psychological evaluation by an independent therapist who is familiar with the issues surrounding surrogacy
Medical insurance evaluation
Intended parents in Hawaii

Referring you to well-respected legal counsel, fertility clinics and escrow agencies

Your Gestational Carrier Agreement will be drafted by attorneys well versed in the legal complexities of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Unlike other agencies, we pay for the attorneys. We have strong, personal relationships with every clinic in the state of Hawaii and often work with mainland clinics as well. We believe that a third-party, licensed, bonded and insured professional escrow firm should keep your funds secure. We never co-mingle funds and only work with the very best escrow agencies that specialize in surrogacy.

Intended parents and surrogacy process in Hawaii

Making appointments and arranging travel plans

There are a lot of appointments during the surrogacy process. We will work with your gestational carrier and the clinic to make sure appointments are never missed. If your gestational carrier needs to travel inter island or to the mainland, we will make all travel arrangements on your behalf. We are also very happy to pick up our international Intended Parents from the airport whenever they come visit our beautiful islands.

A Surrogacy Journey with Us in 10 Steps


Program Orientation

We meet with Intended Parents and their chosen Gestational Carrier, individually and as a group. We want to answer all your questions about the surrogacy process, discuss timelines and expectations, and next steps.


Surrogate Screening & Evaluation

Gestational carriers undergo federal and state criminal background checks, lifestyle screening, and credit checks. Additionally, we will gather all original medical records directly from providers and provide them to your clinic of choosing. Psychological testing and evaluation will be conducted on the carrier and her partner/spouse. Additionally, we will review her insurance coverage to determine if maternity care during a gestational surrogacy is covered (and identify appropriate insurance options if it is not).


Journey Escrow Account

An initial deposit of $2,000.00 will be placed in escrow to pay for final medical clearance and any associated travel. We work with a bonded escrow agency to ensure your money is well protected. All transactions are visible to you online.


Medical Clearance

We work closely with your chosen fertility clinic to coordinate the medical clearance process. In addition to medical history review, the clinic may also order blood work, ultrasounds, and a mock cycle.



Once your gestational carrier passes medical clearance, you’ll enter into the contract phase. Your Gestational Carrier Agreement outlines expectations of each party in this process, as well as financial obligations. We will retain independent attorneys to work with you and your gestational carrier to review the terms of the contract.


Gestational Carrier Compensation

Once the contract is signed, you will deposit a percentage of your carrier’s compensation into your secure, journey escrow account. Dedicated escrow agents will assist your case manager in disbursing any reimbursements in a timely fashion. We will make sure your gestational carrier receives her compensation by direct deposit, on time.


Medical Protocol & Cycling

The clinic will work closely with your gestational carrier, giving her a medical protocol to follow. The cycle will be monitored via blood work and ultrasounds. We will coordinate all appointments, including setting up diagnostic work close to where your gestational carrier resides (this is called outside monitoring). Embryo transfers usually occur between 4-6 weeks after starting medications.



Our goal is for the first embryo transfer to result in a successful pregnancy. The clinic will perform at least two blood tests to confirm pregnancy. At four to six weeks gestation, a fetal heart rate is confirmed via ultrasound. We will coordinate transferring care from the fertility clinic to the obstetrician who will be managing the pregnancy.


We will help manage your insurance needs throughout the pregnancy. From maternity claims to putting specialty term life insurance policies or bedrest insurance in place, we will complete applications at the right times and provide all documentation to underwriting for approval.


Parental Rights

If your baby is born in Hawaii, you will begin working with an attorney to complete the paperwork to obtain parental rights at the end of the second trimester. After the baby is born, the attorney will file the paperwork with the Hawaii State courts to have your names placed on your child’s birth certificate. If your baby is born on the mainland, we may be able to obtain a pre-birth parentage order around the fifth month of the pregnancy so that your names are immediately placed on the birth certificate.


Birth and Journey Completion

We’ll help you create a birth plan that clearly outlines expectations for all parties involved in the delivery. We’ll also work with your delivery hospital and provide any legal documentation, insurance and financial information that they require.


We will conduct follow up visits with your gestational carrier and you in the weeks following birth. We can even facilitate transportation of expressed breast milk. We will be following legal proceedings to ensure your parental rights are affirmed, make sure insurance properly pays for claims, and return your funds to you in a timely manner from the escrow account.

Identified Carrier Program

Agency Fees: $19,000 (15% Discount)


  • Upon completion of program orientation ($2,000.00)

  • Upon medical clearance ($6,000.00)

  • Upon confirmation of pregnancy ($5,000.00)

  • Monthly payments ($1,000.00) for the last 6 months of pregnancy

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