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What Makes Us Different

Whether you are a first time or experienced surrogate, we want to make your experience with Hawaii Surrogacy Center one to remember. We know that you have a choice among agencies. What makes Hawaii Surrogacy different?

Our Culture
We focus on providing friendly, local service. When we accept Intended Parents into our program, we let them know that this is not a transactional experience. They are forming a lifelong bond with our team and with their surrogate. Most likely you will be matched with a family right here in Hawaii. While we do have international clients from Australia and New Zealand, they too understand the culture of our agency and the expectation of a close, open relationship throughout the surrogacy journey and beyond.

Our Team
Going through your surrogacy journey can seem overwhelming, but you are never alone. We have a team of experienced coordinators, surrogate ambassadors and support staff to help you along the way. Nearly all have been surrogates themselves, as well as having the professional skills to provide you with outstanding case management. Whether it’s answering questions about the medical protocol or being there for the birth, we want you to be well informed and confident. While you have a dedicated coordinator, our entire team is versed in your case. This isn’t a “one woman” show. You can count on all of us to be there for you.

Our Matching Process
Being paired with the right family can make all the difference in your surrogacy journey. You will get to see Intended Parent profiles first and choose who you would like to meet. One of our team members will set up a first meeting via teleconference or in person. If both you, the surrogate, and your intended parents, agree to match, the surrogacy journey can move forward. Maybe you need a second or third meeting – that’s fine! There is no pressure or limit to the number of families you meet. As a surrogate with Hawaii Surrogacy Center, your comfort and values are our top priority. We work hard to find the right family for you.

Our Commitment to Affordability and Access
Surrogates in our program do receive generous financial compensation. We realize that we may not have the highest financial compensation rates in the industry, but our rates are fair, and allow us to keep surrogacy affordable for all families. Most surrogates who work with us say they became a surrogate to help a family in need – the compensation is an added bonus! Please know that you have no out of pocket costs associated with your journey. In addition to your base compensation, medical expenses, maternity clothing, childcare and housekeeping are all covered. If you have to travel, that’s completely covered too!

Our Focus on Holistic Health
As a surrogate in our program, you have free access to program resources focused on ensuring your health and wellness. We provide personalized nutrition coaching at no additional charge. This service is available before your embryo transfer, throughout pregnancy, and then into the postpartum period. We also have psychologists available to provide mental health support. While we do not mandate counseling, we encourage both surrogates and Intended Parents to utilize our counselors anytime they would like confidential, professional support.

Our Support for Your Goals
While the financial compensation is not a primary motivation for being in our program, we know that you and your family have financial goals that can be met using your surrogacy compensation. That’s why we provide SeedCoach financial advisors for every surrogate. Whether it is saving for your children’s college, paying off student loans, or contributing to the down payment of your first home, our financial advisors understand the compensation that surrogates receive and can help your family make wise financial decisions so that you meet your financial goals at the end of your surrogacy journey. You have access to free planning templates, an online video library, and personal financial advisor.

When you become a surrogate, you are giving a precious gift to another family. We hope that you choose Hawaii Surrogacy as your agency. We’d be honored to walk with you every step of the way.

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