Building Surrogacy Awareness

Hello November! One of our main goals as an agency is to help Intended Parents start their families. We can’t do that though without our awesome surrogates. As we continue to grow as an agency, so does our waitlist for Intended Parents. This month we made it a goal to build surrogacy awareness to find more local moms who love being pregnant, and encourage them to consider becoming a surrogate by building surrogacy awareness.

The first community event that we participated in was the Oh Baby! Family Expo on November 2nd and 3rd. For this expo we partnered up with Simply Baby Photography to give away a 30-minute family outdoor session and an in-studio infant photoshoot. Over 200 expo attendees entered our giveaway and nearly 100 moms signed up to receive more information about surrogacy!  It was amazing to go out into our community to share our story and explain what we do. Not only did we get to bring surrogacy awareness to building families, we connected with other vendors. We look forward to working with many of these local businesses in the future! 

Following the expo, we continued our momentum, building awareness about the need for surrogates on our islands through live TV. Our Director Andrea McAfee and Surrogate Prizzilla Greer sat down with Tannya Joaquin from Khon2 News Living808 to talk about how Hawaii Surrogacy Center helps build families. You can check out our Living808 segment here: https://www.khon2.com/living-808/hawaii-surrogacy-center-helps-local-couples-fulfill-dream-of-having-a-baby

Becoming a surrogate can be one of the most rewarding journeys of your life.  You help fulfill someone’s dream to have a baby, all with the support of our experienced, on-island coordinators.  Surrogates in our program receive compensation packages of $40,000 or more.

Visit https://www.hawaiisurrogacy.com/surrogates to explore this life-changing opportunity further.

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