How to Pay for Surrogacy

how to pay for surrogacy

The average cost of a financing surrogacy journey is around $85,000. That is assuming you already have embryos ready to transfer into a gestational carrier. While we provided a comprehensive budget for you after an initial program consultation, most Intended Parents still need help putting together their finances for their journey. Did you know there are more funding options available to you than simply using your personal savings? Here’s our guide on how to pay for surrogacy.

Scholarships & Grants

The number of available scholarships and grants is steadily increasing, as more couples use third party reproduction to grow their families. Are they all needs-based? No! Every foundation has its own requirements, grant cycles and application process. Take a look at this list put together by Resolve: The National Infertility Association.


Many clinics and pharmacies will provide some discounting – either through packages that bundle services or based on the fact that you’ve done multiple transfers with them. It never hurts to ask! For example, EMD Serono has a compassionate care program that offers discounts on IVF medications. If you’re military-affiliated, now is not the time to be shy. Ask everyone – the clinic, the pharmacy, our agency – for the military discount. 

Workplace Benefits

A lot of employers, not just fancy tech companies, are offering a variety of supports. Sometimes it is a credit towards an HSA/FSA account that can be used for any associated medical expenses (think medications and clinic fees, not your surrogate’s compensation). Other programs actually offer an allowance that can be put towards family building, not just medical expenses. We have seen employers pay for the legal expenses associated with parentage work. Ask your HR department about what is available!

Financing Options

While our agency itself does not offer financing surrogacy, there are many fertility financing companies. They’re not all equal, so be mindful of the terms and conditions. Once again, Resolve: The National Fertility Association has put together a list of financing companies

SEEDCOACH: Your fertility financial specialist

Every family in our program gets the support of SeedCoach. What is SeedCoach? Personal financial advisors that can help comb through resources with you, provide grant application assistance, and put together a comprehensive, customized plan for your surrogacy journey. Contact us if you haven’t been added to the Hawaii Surrogacy SeedCoach Portal. It’s free! Our agency covers this service for you.

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